Founder's Day 2019

We had a great time catching up with alumni at our Founder's Day Banquet!

K-State Football Traditions

We love tailgating and catching up with all of our alumni who have season tickets to K-State Football

International Convention

We attended the 61st International Convention with our incredible alumni!

For the 4th time in the last 5 years, we have been recognized as the top Delta Chi Chapter and awarded the President's Cup
Delta Chi Alumni
As much as we may not want it to, eventually our time at K-State must come to an end. When that day comes, active members make the transition to alumnus status.Alumni receive a newsletter from the organization at least once a semester updating them on chapter activities, news, elections, accomplishments, alumni news and a directory listing all of our alumni with their contact information.

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“We, the members of The Delta Chi Fraternity, believing that great advantages are to be derived from a brotherhood of college and university men, appreciating that close association may promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education, do ordain and establish this Constitution.”

Our 5 core values:

  1. Welcoming men from all walks with respect and friendliness.
  2. No toleration of hazing.
  3. Always striving toward social responsibility and academic excellence.
  4. Being proactive leaders on campus and in the community.
  5. Embodying the core virtues of Friendliness, Character, Justice, and Education.