Associate Member Program

The Associate Member program of Delta Chi is designed to fuse the introduction of Delta Chi’s history, values, and traditions with the process of bonding with the active membership and your fellow Associate Members (or AMs for short). This process, referred to by others as pledging, is the beginning of the journey towards full membership and initiation into Delta Chi.


Associate Member Badge

Upon the completion of the associate member ceremony, where you will receive your Associate Member pin and your Cornerstone, you can fully expect to jump right into the Fraternity’s activities: chapter meetings, social events, intramural sports, educational programs, social service projects and more. Delta Chi wants Active members, and to be active means to be involved in as many activities as you can. The associate member program will teach you about the history and values of Delta Chi and the individual chapter. It will also teach you personal success skills, such as time management, personal financial management, study skills, personal etiquette, and how to work well within a team. In accordance with this idea of personal development, your Associate Member program will not include any activities that will emotionally or physically harm you or make you question your membership in Delta Chi. Delta Chi is strongly opposed to any hazing activities, and such practices have been banned for decades. Your experience in Delta Chi is to be a positive one, and hazing is antithetical to our basic expectations for membership.

Remember, your academic success is paramount to any other activity in which you are involved, and Delta Chi is there to support your effort to graduate, not distract you from it. College life is fun, so it takes personal discipline to ensure he can be successful in your social and academic endeavors. The balance between work and play that you will learn through involvement in Delta Chi is a life skill you will carry through to your professional and family life as an alumnus.

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