Kansas State Delta Chi Educational Foundation

One Time Donation
Any Amount
Non Reoccurring
Leges Society ($1,000 and above)
  • Thomas Haney Jr. ’70
  • Dan Yunk, Ph.D. ’71
  • J. Scott Foster ’76
  • Mark Alley ’95
  • Michael Dichiser ’95
  • Jeffrey Tamasi ’96
  • Aaron Otto ’98
  • Matt Killingsworth ’02
  • Tom Hunter
  • Edward Redhair
Scimitar Society ($500 to $999)
  • William Meredith ’71
  • Dr. Jacob Amett ’98
  • Tracey Mann ’00
  • John Kattenberg ’03
  • Michael Kennedy ‘ 14
  • Andrew Woolley ’15
  • Clay Borchers
  • Trice Alford
  • Bill Monroe
  • Les Kuhlman
  • Jan Rayl
  • Carlton Getz
  • Michael Kennedy
  • Cory Rasmussen
  • Michael Gary
  • Rudy Edwards
  • TJ Riggle
  • Bill Siebert
Martlet Society ($250 to $499)
  • William Siebert ’61
  • C. Lynn McFadden ’65
  • Cody Sudmeier ’01
  • Rhett Jones ’13
  • Eric Haun ’14
  • Evan McMican ’14
  • Zachary Stroth ‘ 15
  • Jacob Arnett
  • Brian Wetta
  • Bryan Wagner
  • Jeff Casper
Red and Buff Society ($100 to $249)
  • Erin Killingsworth
  • Matthew Gorney ’06
  • Christian Burdett ‘ 13
  • Heath Lilek ’14
  • Justin Knopf
  • Alan Jaax
  • Clint Bradbury
  • Aniruddha Rao ’14
  • Aaron Frith ’16
  • Davis Millard ’17
Brotherhood Society (Up to $99)
  • Wesley Cano ’15
  • Carl Bowden
  • Pat Bosco
  • Paul Morizzo
  • Cory Lafferty
  • Nick Flentie
  • Eric Rasmsusen
  • Nick Mannoni
The Kansas State Delta Chi Educational Foundation, Inc., was organized in 1998 to advance the educational development of the members of the Kansas State Chapter. In the subsequent years, the generous support of alumni, parents, friends, and undergraduates through tax deductible charitable contributions has allowed us to distribute tens of thousands of dollars for scholarships, programs, and other educational purposes, making a meaningful impact on the lives of members at Kansas State.

Our mandate remains unchanged to this day, supported by a permanent endowment the earnings on which provide a recurring source of funds year after year for scholarships and education programs. The ongoing support of those who believe in the Fraternity’s mission of promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and directly assisting with the acquisition of a sound education remains critical to establishing and growing a lasting legacy for future generations.

Margaret Mead reminded us never to doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Will you join us in that mission?

Kansas State DX

The Kansas State Delta Chi Educational Foundation, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions provided to the foundation are fully tax deductible.

Designated Scholarships
The Foundation currently sponsors eight recurring scholarships supported by earnings on the permanent endowment:

  • James Komatz Incoming Student Memorial Scholarship
  • James Komatz Brother of the Semester Memorial Scholarship
  • Killingsworth Leadership Grant
  • Don Edwards Memorial Scholarship
  • Steven Niemeyer Associate Member of the Semester Scholarship
  • Aaron Otto Potential Leadership Scholarship
  • Dr. Alan Brightman Incoming Student Scholarship
  • Dar Cline Memorial Scholarship
  • Tom Hunter Memorial Scholarship

Additional information on each of these scholarships can be found through the “Scholarship Summary” to the right.

Foundation Resources
Foundation Resources

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