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A message from Delta Chi International President and Kansas State Alumnus, Aaron Otto:

My name is Aaron Otto and I am an alumnus of the Kansas State Chapter of the Delta Chi International Fraternity. Our Chapter has been a part of the Kansas State community for over 40 years. During these many years, Delta Chi has been a positive influence in the lives of over 600 young men who have become members. Kansas State Delta Chi alumni include too-many-to-mention successful doctors, attorneys, accountants, bankers, businessmen, farmers, public servants, and teachers at both high school and college levels.

I do hope that your son has shared with you the exciting benefits of being a member of Delta Chi. The opportunities to take on leadership responsibility and learn how to work with others are just two of these benefits. Our Chapter has produced many distinguished leaders locally, regionally, and nationally; most of whom got their first leadership experience as members of Delta Chi. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about the support systems in place for the Kansas State Chapter of Delta Chi that are here to help your son take full advantage of the benefits of being a member of our Fraternity.

We are proud to have an Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT), Housing Corporation (HC) and Educational Foundation, all of which all contribute to the success of our Kansas State Chapter.

  1. The Alumni Board of Trustees is presently made up of eight mature chapter alumni, as well as the student chapter’s president and treasurer. It has overall responsibility for the supervision of the Chapter. Primarily, this group serves as advisors to the young men on how they want to run their Chapter.
  2. The Education Foundation provides over $3000 in scholarship to Delta Chi members each year and continues to raise tax deductible donations for scholarships.

As you can see, our alumni feel strongly about their years as student members of Kansas State Delta Chi and have invested in the current Chapter so your son can enjoy the same benefits, experiences and opportunities.

The alumni, through our student Chapter, have several goals for its men while at the University. First and foremost is the acquisition of a degree. If there is ever an issue of grades versus the Fraternity, we will support grades 100 percent. We understand that the primary reason parents send their sons to the University is to earn a degree. Secondary objectives include the social, personal and professional growth opportunities that the University and Delta Chi offer.

Secondly, we want our young men to have opportunities for leadership both in the Fraternity and in various campus organizations. We strongly encourage student members to get involved in campus activities. Our Chapter has a proud history of having Student Government Association presidents, vice presidents, and senators, Inter-Fraternity Council officers, and members in campus honorary organizations such as Blue Key, Mortar Board, and Phi Beta Kappa.

We also understand the importance of social activities for students. We hope that Delta Chi social activities afford student members opportunities to meet other students, develop new friendships and learn and practice social skills necessary for entering the real world of work and family responsibilities. Please be reassured, that the alumni are aware of the potential problems that can develop and both The Delta Chi International Fraternity and The Kansas State Delta Chi alumni have formal risk management policies that provide specific rules governing alcohol and drug use on campus. The alumni stand behind the Chapter in stressing these rules to our student members. It is made clear that if there are any violations of these rules there will be serious consequences. Furthermore, should you or your son have concerns about any issue; every ABT member is always available.
Along with the benefits of being in a fraternity, there are, of course, responsibilities. This includes each member’s financial responsibility to his chapter. A Chapter is a small business and depends upon every member to contribute. Overall, with a few exceptions, we have been very fortunate that our members respect their financial commitments to the fraternity in a timely manner.

We want all men of Delta Chi to enjoy the lifelong brotherhood that comes from being a member of Delta Chi. Membership in a fraternity is not limited to the years one is in college. It is a lifelong endeavor. It is friendships that we all carry with us long after leaving the University. Each year, the fraternity sponsors an annual Founder’s Day Dinner and alumni events that give our alumni a chance to reaffirm old friendships as well as honor our undergraduates who have distinguished themselves.

Parents are very important to Kansas State Delta Chi. In the fall we host a Dad’s Weekend and in the spring we host a Mom’s Weekend and we hope that you will plan to join us for these events.

I believe your son would be proud to associate with these outstanding men!

If there is ever anything I can do to answer any of your questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 571.235.2183 or via email at Thank you for reading about Delta Chi, it is truly the brotherhood of a lifetime.



Aaron Otto “AA”
International President
Kansas State Delta Chi ’98