2019 Executive Board

President "A"
Name: Jack Dunfield 
E-Mail: dunfield@ksu.edu
Phone: 913-940-7597
Year: Junior
Major: Cultural Anthropology and Marketing

Vice-President "B"
Name: Robert Wasinger
E-Mail: wasinger16@ksu.edu
Year: Junior
Major: Industrial Engineer

Secretary "C"
Name: Jake Adams
E-Mail: jadams17@k-state.edu
Year: Freshman
Major: Marketing

Treasurer "D"
Name: Tom McClain
E-Mail :tpmcclain@k-state.edu
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology and Economics

Alumni Relations"E"
Name: Mark Buckwalter
E-Mail: mbuckwalter@ksu.edu
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting and Finance

Risk Management "F"
Name: Colin Schmidt
E-Mail: cschmidt97@ksu.edu
Year: Junior
Major: Civil Engineering

Recruitment Chairmen
Name: Sam Wilcox
Phone: 913-609-6591
Year: Sophomore
Major: Kinesiology-Prehealth

Name: Lane Lundeen
Phone: 785-850-1727
Year: Sophomore
Major: Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

Associate Member Counselor "AMC"
Name: Nathan Anderson
E-Mail: nand318@gmail.com
Year: Senior
Major:Economics and History, Pre-Law

Scholarship Chair
Name: KJ McMullin
E-Mail: kjmc11@k-state.edu
Year: Junior
Major: Marketing