New Member Program

After receiving and accepting a bid to Delta Chi, you will participate in our Associate Member program. This program is the beginning of the journey towards initiation and full membership in Delta Chi.

The Associate Member program is designed to introduce you to Delta Chi’s history, values, and traditions while bonding with the active members and your fellow Associate Members. The program also teaches skills for your personal growth and success – time management, study skills, financial management, etiquette, and teamwork. K-State Delta Chi does not haze and your associate member program will not include any hazing activities.

Delta Chi values active members on campus and to be active means to be involved in as many activities as you can. You can fully expect to jump right in to the Fraternity’s activities – chapter meetings, social events, intramural sports, educational programs, service projects, and more.

However, your academic success is paramount to any other activity in which you are involved, and Delta Chi is there to support your effort to graduate, not distract you from it. College life is fun, and it takes personal discipline to ensure you can be successful in both your social and academic endeavors. The balance between work and play that you will learn through involvement in Delta Chi is a life skill you will carry through to your professional and family life as an alumnus. 

Fall 2019 New Member Class

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